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It's no secret: digital innovation is hard for well-established companies. They are better executors than innovators. We understand. For becoming a truly digital business is challenging, touches every business function and demands rapid development of new skills. Being able to innovate quickly and cheaply, test digital products and release them regularly, is key. How to address the strategic challenge of the digital revolution? ShiftMaker helps.




The ShiftMaker founders represent decades of digital and executive experience. We have successfully driven digital innovation in big corporations ánd start-ups.



Creating effective digital enterprises. 

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What makes ShiftMaker different?

ShiftMaker focus areas

A future proof vision sees digital as a business that creates value, not as a channel that drives activities. The outside-in session takes best of breed examples of the broad competitive landscape and maps them back to your enterprise. In one or two days, your aspirations are set and the vision is clear.



Continuous digital innovation often demands different behavior and a change of culture. ShiftMaker has a pragmatic approach towards behavioral change: a mini program to bring start-up techniques as agile thinking, lean product development and business model canvassing into the enterprise.




Competing in the digital age requires new skills and capabilities; agile technology, data driven decision making, connectivity, to name a few. The skills assessment clearly highlights the gaps in your organisation that stand in the way of successful execution. And gives the roadmap to fill these gaps.



Innovation projects can’t be measured by the same KPI’s as the core product portfolio. Setting the right financial ánd non financial KPI’s from the very start, is vital for successful corporate innovation. The governance framework for digital innovation helps corporates to successfully manage innovation projects.


Working with ShiftMaker generates a tangible company development roadmap that is ready for action. We turn an innovation challenge into an effective, board savvy, digital growth plan.


Being part of MakerStreet, our DNA is making. We accelerate innovation by doing digital experiments and validating functional prototypes to prove you are on the right track.


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